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Bruce Boss Business ConsultingPersonalized – Asking the Right Questions

A personalized email – being straightforward is the most effective way to engage with your audience, “just simply ask the right questions”. Asking potential customers their concerns, issues by providing the right suggestion will lead to a new customer. When a potential client visits your website or subscribes to your email they are looking to engage with an expert to fill in the gaps. This will give you the leverage by sending incredibly targeted emails.

  • We will write KILLER Emails for your marketing campaign. 
  • We will send 10,000 to a 100,000 email blast for your marketing campaign.
  • We will collect any targeted email list in your niche with successful lead pages.


Bruce Boss ConsultingIt’s All About Your Client, Not You

“Cold Calling “FOCUS – Never sell with your initial contact, you must focus all your attention and your questions on your potential client.

Forget about who you are and what your company does you must find out their concerns or issues.

Remember when you call it’s all about them, not about you. Client engaging is professional selling. Your sale comes after you are talking to your client about his or her wants and needs. 

    • We will write successful cold call scripts
    • We will train your staff to become experts in cold calling and closing the sale
    • We will train your staff with effective leads list generation for cold calling


    Bruce Boss Consulting ExpertPPC Specialist – Creating The Perfect Ad

    Almost all consumers spend an average of 40% or more of their advertising budget on PPC Ads.  This clearly shows the popularity of using paid traffic method. But the fact is 90% or more rarely see an ROI. This is because they are missing out on some key factors.

    We provide serious knowledge behind each PPC ad. It starts with understanding SEO, Correct Title, Effective Keywords and the Proper Description.

    • We provide tons of relevant traffic to your website daily and reap endless profits
    • We provide different methods of online advertisement on the basis of your business niche
    • We show you why paid website traffic is more scalable
    • Will get your company to the top of the search engine and show searchers why your business name pops up every time they look for niche
    • Imagine showing up in every relevant search result and give potential new clients access to reach your website
    • Never worry again about hiring so-called SEO-SMO market scammers
    • 5 X your business & earn like you have never done before and see all your results turn into reality within a matter of months
    • Get a competitive edge over your counterparts who are still busy decoding the SEO-SMO algorithms