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PPC Specialists

Running PPC Campaigns 

  • Not sure if you’re getting the most out of your Adwords Results?
  • Want to improve your ROI but don’t know how?
  • Lacking the knowledge to step up your PPC game? 

How Our PPC Experts Can Help Your Business Get More Leads

  • Create Adwords campaign to reach new customers.
  • Choosing the right keywords.
  • Effective keyword management.
  • Reach the right audience with RLSA.
  • Create effective text ads for driving qualified leads.
  • Get maximum Ad Rank and Improve your Ad Quality Score.
  • Get the right Ad Extensions to have greater ROI.
  • Have smarter bid adjustments as per your business goals.
  • Optimize for cross device conversions.
  • Run Ads to reach past visitors and generate more profits.
  • Create effective display ads.
  • Display your ads on mobile devices.
  • Create and optimize effective shopping campaigns.


The thing with PPC customers find it’s insanely easy to set up but a majority noticed its fairly difficult to get a good ROI. I can’t tell you how many clients have told us we wasted so much money in the last, “We tried Google AdWords, but it didn’t work for us.” When we look at their campaign history, we see they set up everything poorly, they only ran it for one month, and shut it down. You’re not going to get good results in a month – even for experts, it takes some time to respond to AdWords’ results, tweak settings, and get traffic up and cost down.

Professional Tip: You need to run your campaigns for at least 4-6 months before you throw in the towel. Thats where the experts come in, Hi Im The Internet Marketing Guy and I can produce some serious results for you or your company