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2019 Email Marketing Success Tips

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Ok, here are some email strategies that many top marketers including myself use to build a list almost on autopilot. I’m talking digital giveaway… Offering something for free is one the best methods to make web visitors subscribe to your email list… see the list building tips below and use your creativity to set up your own email marketing plan to increase subscribers, and profit from your list.


Write a five days mini-courses with articles giving a solution or pointing how people get into a specific problem and leave the solution for last.

Blog Post

Ask your blog readers to subscribe to your email list (Not RSS Feed) for advanced tips. You can add your email form at the bottom of each blog post or on the top of your blog.

Quick Tips

Write or find a series of mini tips about your niche and offer them to your email list subscribers on a daily basis. Make each tip really useful.


A series of question and answers with one or more experts on your niche is a great email marketing promotion for list building campaigns.

Free Bonuses

This is one of the most useful list building strategies. Because people love to get bonuses, especially when they don’t have to do anything hard like just writing their first name and email address to get those free gifts.


This is another good way to build your list just because people love to give their point of view about anything they know or they are interested in, and surveys give them the opportunity to share their opinions. Make sure to tell subscribers that after the survey they will get the survey results and extra information by email.


Articles are an excellent way to provide a preview of some of the content to your prospects and use the “About The Author” signature box to send readers to get a sign up for your email course. To learn easy ways to use article marketing to bring traffic and build your brand check

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