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Not All Contractors Are The Same

Presence online

If they have a strong online presence, they will be the “Go-To” company when new clients search for them. Find a contractor who can provide you with a wealth of information about the company and work that was done. This Is Important!! Are they the number 1 on Google search results? Do they have social media accounts? Do they offer information and advice on blogs, news articles, videos and more? Advertising Online – professional companies reinvest with marketing, upkeep with company vehicles, professional attire and more.


Was the work done quickly? How did the customer like the company? When you look at criticism, remember to overcome good versus not good. Companies with no reviews can be worse than bad reviews. Most of the time, people who have had a bad experience want to talk to others, while many people who have had a positive experience are silent. An entrepreneur with the majority of online evaluations positive should inform consumers that the contractor is reliable.

Fully licensed and insured.

Liability insurance is essential in selecting a contractor. Make sure they also have insurance for their employees. Ask the company how long they are in the business. Check if the contractor receives a work permit. Every reputable contractor will get permits to work on your property.


This may seem obvious, but how many years of experience does the contractor have? Do they have vehicles and professional equipment? Does the company representative appear in professional work clothes? The first impression is important and could determine the outcome of the project.

Free Estimates

Companies will always provide free estimates.

Types Of Contractors – Boilermaker, Carpenter, Carpet Installer, Cement & Concrete Finisher, Dredge Operator, Electrician/Technician, Equipment Operator, Elevator Mechanic, Estimator Fencer/Fence Erector, Flooring Installer, HVAC Tech, Insulation Worker, Iron-worker, Landscaper, Mason, Millwright, Painter, Plasterer Plumber, Pipefitter, Sheet Metal Worker, Roofer, Welder

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