MLMs and their success rate. …

MLM promoters often say that the failure rate of MLM small businesses is in the range of 99%. WOW That’s Insanely High

You can search the stats for your self – Google MLM Success Rate!

Plenty of people join MLM because they want money without working. They think if they put a little bit of hard work in the beginning, once their downlines networks are building, they can sit tight do nothing and still earn a good living. This is your biggest MISTAKE. Never Count On Your DOWNLINE… 

People who want to make money without creating and delivering genuine value to others is considered to be the scammers. They want it without giving, they are the same as thieves, taking everything without giving anything.

However, most up lines contribute nothing in creating the system, no real training or marketing at all. They just sit back and hope their downlines works hard and produces sales. You know what I’m talking about, they tell you that you need a large downline to build a residual income but in the same breath you have to keep up your own orders monthly to be able to collect. hmmm? 

See the missing ingredient is not building your downline, it’s building your business. I have helped so many struggling entrepreneurs day in and day out with their small MLM business. I teach them the proper techniques needed to survive and grow in this industry, they are the 1% who actually make money.  

They have the secret ingredient to produce results and to make it big. The top 1% will hire a Professional Internet Marketer to take care of the ongoing process needed to succeed online – (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Paid Ads, Email Marketing and more. Watch The Video Above…

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