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This Q & A are actually clients asking questions 

Q – What sets you apart from other website/SEO companies (and no I don’t mean the powdered puff usual answers that companies give.) what actually makes you good at what you do? 

A – Most my clients are from past SEO companies saying the same thing. The difference is everything I do is ORGANIC SEO meaning “I do everything”, NO BOTS, NO PROGRAMS, NO SYSTEMS. While every other company just show STATS which means nothing I show actually RESULTS. If you have certain keywords you want to rank for I will get you to the TOP OF THE PAGE in multiple areas.

There are two types of keywords – Long Tail and Short Tail – Longtail are easier to rank for but they are the building block for short tail 

Sample –  Say Cleaning Company is the Keyword

Short Tail – cleaning company
Short Tail – professional cleaning company
Long Tail – local professional cleaning company
Long Tail – local professional carpet cleaning company

Adding on to the Stack – (City/County)

cleaning company (City/County)
professional cleaning company (City/County)
local professional cleaning company (City/County)
local professional carpet cleaning company(City/County)

This is called Stacking – We use a 4 Pack stack Method. the one I’m showing on here is only 1 of the Stack Methods we use.

So you will Rank for long tail keywords first and as your SEO strength grows it will funnel down to the short tail… Does that make sense?

Q – I have been burned way too many times in the past few years by SEO companies (and wasted way too much money) and to be honest at this point I am very skeptical that there are any good ones out there. 

A – Believe me, I understand and they put a bad taste on guys like me who value what I do. I’m ALL NATURAL & ORGANIC, no quick schemes and false promises 

Q – One thing I like about you is that you are local, however, I have found out in the past that that doesn’t necessarily mean anything either. 

A – TRUE, I work with clients that are local but most my clients are throughout the USA. But I don’t just take any client 

Q – Also what is a fair price for me only needing ranking in two local areas (not even two counties) worth of coverage? 

A – Tell me the range/miles you want I can custom the package. Whats Your Marketing Budget?