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Sales Team Not Performing?

Take your sales team to the next level in order to improve productivity.
In any sales team, there are a number of opportunities to improve their productivity. In today's current economic climate, improvements in sales can have a profound effect on total company performance.

• Cut the cord.
In every sales team, we all have a few people who just cannot seem to produce at any level no matter what they do. You would've probably tried coaching, training and mentoring with little effect. Don't waste any more time or effort, suggest they are not suited to the job of sales and move them out rather than prolonging the agony. It is best for everybody concerned.

• Coach your very top performers.
These people are motivated and want more knowledge to succeed, they will be able to become even better, so invest some time and money in them so that they can be as productive as possible.

• Provide an encouraging environment.
Set the correct example. Make sure that your team have the best tools and learn as much as possible about motivation and self-motivation. Create an environment that encourages self-motivation.

• Provide a focus on accountability.
This means that each individual is accountable for their routine work, they're selling and their results. Make your team members accountable for their performance.

• Help each sales person to become more effective.
You can achieve this by showing them how to best use their time and make sure that their individual productivity increases. Even relatively small improvements in the way time are used can lead to large improvements in sales. Make sure that they understand that the planning function is the key to higher sales.

• Agree with mutual expectations with your salespeople.
Rather than set targets for them, sit down and agree individually what they should be achieving and get an agreement that it is "fair and reasonable."

• Over-Communicate With Your Team
Communication is an essential skill that external sales managers must possess. Schedules are much more difficult to coordinate than for internal sales teams, which leads to more interactions by phone and text messages.

To increase sales productivity, managers must register with each salesperson to know how they feel and how they are doing. It is even more important to have a large number of interactions with new hires that go through their growth period. Check-ins do not always have to be scheduled. In addition to check-ins, it is always a good idea to schedule to conduct a personal one on ones.

• Insist on reporting.
Be uncompromising in the standard and the timeliness of reporting because this information is just so valuable. It will enable decisions to be made regarding marketing if the information is accurate and up to date. Make sure that market intelligence is included in this information so that there is a good understanding of what is going on amongst the competition and new startup companies.

Remember that when you set targets with your salespeople, also set milestones on the way. Each milestone is an excuse to celebrate progress in the right direction and sometimes we forget this in our desire to close more sales. Make sure that you also have the opportunity to celebrate small things because they are more frequent. 

One-on-One Coaching for Sales Professionals

Bruce Boss Consulting is committed to bringing the best out of each sales professionals based on their individual strengths, accomplishments, weaknesses, and challenges.

Why one-on-one coaching? It's 100% more effective to your specific needs as a business owner. Even though you may think about attending a seminar/convention with some of the top motivational speakers at a high price ticket. Your motivation only lasts a few days because you didn't really fix the meat and potatoes needed to enhance your employees/sales team.

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I have been to many coaching seminars over the years with some of the big names in the industry. I found out about Bruce through a friend mine and took the chance by bringing him in to give my sales team a boost with his methods. I was totally impressed with his presentation that he address it was exactly what we needed to get ahead of the game. I now have Bruce as a bi-monthly speaker at our office to keep us up to date with the latest tactics needed to succeed. 

Clark F (CEO) Clark Captial Funding