Social Media

Social Media

Whether you’re a local roofing company on Pinterest or a real estate agent on Twitter and or an Attorney on Youtube. Managing a social media marketing campaign to advertise those types of businesses on a different platform is time-consuming. Business owners slack off posting as a result of just not having any time. Some just have no idea where to begin. That’s why I get asked about this a lot, I don’t even know where to start.

To have a successful business today, you need to have a social media expert managing your social accounts. Things alter so rapidly without notification, it’s hard for any local business owner to maintain but we can.

Here are some factors why you must hire an SEO Expert …

We are the Professionals In Social Media Marketing!!!

Local SEO Boss is devoted to expanding your brand name online.

Social Media Management
Local SEO Boss social media marketing & digital agency that helps startups and corporates to strategically plan & execute their social media initiatives from a perspective of creating a meaningful presence on all the social media channels. The focus could be as varied as new user acquisition on social media, engage existing social media followers or create revenue generation focussed campaigns that provide tangible results. The management of social media is time-consuming. If you need to look beyond just “publishing on Facebook“, consider local SEO Boss to be your extended partner in crime. With a social media team of experienced content creators, social media strategist, social advertising planners, social community managers we are committed to helping your social profile go viral.

Local SEO Boss Social Media Marketing Services Suite covers a wide variety of services as defined below:

Social Media Management
We provide all that is needed to be successful on a social media channel

Custom content calendar – We plan ahead and create content well in advance, get it approved by the clients and schedule it as per the defined calendar.
Creative communication – Content has no meaning unless supported by enticing visuals. Our creative gurus up the ante by enhancing content through visuals.
Publishing to social channels – The publishing team pushes the content on all the popular channels plus bookmarks the content across the web for higher visibility.
Community management – We track the conversations and respond to them as appropriate, inform clients if any negative sentiment is tracked.
Reporting & Insights – A monthly report is shared with the clients, summarizing the key takeaways/highlights resulting from the campaigns.

Social Advertising Management
We help create targeted social ads to grow your audience leading to more brand visibility, higher engagement, and increased traffic. Paid medium is an important piece to achieve a healthy social presence as it helps your content reach your fans and followers deeply & repetitively breaching thresholds that trigger it to become viral.

  • Campaign development – We work directly with the clients & plan exciting content that is used in your social media ad campaigns.
  • Advertising management – We ensure that the advertisements are planned to precision with proper filters that help the ads to stay targeted and is cost effective.
  • Campaign reporting & analysis – All the campaigns are monitored, tracked, measured, analyzed & optimized through its lifecycle.

Social Media Strategy Consulting
We’ll be your guide & help build a strategy that’s best for your brand

  • Audits & competitive analysis
  • Social media best practices
  • Contest & promotions