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tradeshow experts

Using professionals hired staff who knows how to promote your trade show exhibit is crucial for ensuring your attendance investment pays off. Why you should never use your own staff – they may know the ins and outs of the business and the product or service you are selling, but many people just aren’t endowed with the gift of person-to-person sales and interactions.  

First, professional event staff is hired and trained to deliver maximum sales impact in a busy trade show environment. You may have sales representatives on staff, but consider where they typically conduct their business, say in a small retail space or a call center. Not all sales pros are wired to handle the sensory overload and chaos of a trade show. This is where our professional trade show staff are essential. We are pros and are trained not only to handle a multitude of people but also to endure long days & weekend of high-intensity interactions on our feet.

Worried about booth staff not knowing your business well enough to sell it? Rest assured knowing that our professionals are skilled and trained at quickly and efficiently learning all they need to know about your business to make a quick pitch (LEADS).  Our professional staff will have the power of attraction and charm that act as magnets to draw prospects into your booth. This is when the rest of your technical staff can take over and answer more complicated or detailed questions.

We provided successful leads/sales for Fitness & Nutrition, Contractors, Real Estate, Home and Garden Shows, Sports Events and Much More

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